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Greenhouse Thermal Curtain

Greenhouse Thermal Curtain

At İska Greenhouse Systems, we bring you state-of-the-art solutions for greenhouse shading and climate control, ensuring optimal conditions for your crops. Our advanced greenhouse curtains, featuring high thermal insulation and energy-saving properties, are designed to elevate your agricultural practices.

Automatic Control for Precision: Our system, equipped with cutting-edge technology, opens and closes automatically through reducers, motors, rack shafts, and transmission profiles. This precise control mechanism ensures that your greenhouse environment is regulated with the utmost accuracy.

The Power of Shading: The primary purpose of our shading system is to prevent excessive sunlight from entering the greenhouse, effectively reducing internal temperatures. Shading should be applied selectively during peak heat and light conditions.

Balancing Light and Shade: While temperature moderation is a key benefit, it's important to note that when shading is employed, there is a simultaneous reduction in light intensity by approximately 50 percent. This balance is vital for crops that require both shading and light control.

Why Choose Our Curtains?

  1. Shading or Blackout: Our curtains can cater to the needs of plants requiring minimal shading or complete blackout, providing the perfect amount of light control.

  2. Humidity Control: Excessive moisture and disease risks are significantly reduced by our curtains, ensuring a healthier greenhouse environment.

  3. Flexibility: Our curtains offer you the flexibility to adjust shading as needed, allowing you to tailor your greenhouse conditions to your crops' requirements.

  4. Light Reflection: Harness the power of our curtains to reflect harmful sun rays, increasing light levels while reducing light pollution.

  5. Reduced Insurance Premiums (TARSİM): Uncover an unexpected benefit – potential insurance advantages. The added safety provided by our curtains can be a valuable asset for insurance assessments, potentially reducing premiums.

  6. Employee Comfort: Your team's comfort is essential. Highly diffused curtains can instantly lower the indoor temperature by up to 5°C, providing a more pleasant work environment.

Enhancing Productivity: Our curtains are designed to facilitate optimal humidity control, ensuring maximum moisture transport with minimal energy loss. A homogeneous climate is essential for achieving peak production levels while reducing the risk of condensation.

Efficient Light Management: Shading protects the upper parts of your plants from burning, promoting even light distribution. Studies have shown that our Heat Screen can increase crop yield by up to 10 percent, demonstrating the tangible benefits of our diffused curtain technology.

Unleash the Potential of Your Greenhouse: Discover how our innovative curtains can transform your greenhouse operations, enhancing crop quality, and ultimately increasing your agricultural productivity.

Experience the future of controlled environment agriculture withİska Greenhouse Systems. Contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge solutions.

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