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Soilless Agriculture Equipments

Soilless Agriculture Equipments

Cocopeat is a remarkable natural substrate derived from coconut shells and fibers, providing an eco-friendly solution for modern agriculture. With a natural pH range between 5.5 and 6.4, cocopeat has been a global sensation since the 1990s, and it continues to gain popularity. This versatile medium is perfect for seeds, cuttings, and potting, making it an essential component for nurturing healthy plants.

Cocopeat boasts impressive water retention capabilities, absorbing up to 9 times its dry weight, effectively storing water and nutrients. This unique feature allows it to provide plants with precisely what they need, fostering optimal growth conditions. Its loose structure promotes excellent root development and ensures proper aeration, all while conserving water, reducing the need for excessive fertilizers, and saving valuable time and labor.

Benefits of Cocopeat:

  • Uniform distribution of water and air around the roots, ensuring effective root development.
  • Excellent water retention combined with sufficient aeration.
  • High buffer capacity, providing stability in growing conditions.
  • Slow decomposition, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Reusable and suitable for recycling, promoting sustainability.
  • Completely organic and easy to integrate into the environment.
  • More nutritious than traditional alternatives like perlite and rock wool.
  • High water retention leads to firm, vibrant, and plump plant growth, saving resources.

Gutter and Hanger Systems for Soilless Greenhouses

Our gutter and hanger systems are designed to offer reliable support and placement for cocopeat and soilless greenhouse plants. These systems are securely fastened at a height of 40-60 cm above the ground and are customizable according to the specific needs of your greenhouse. Crafted from 0.6mm thick epoxy-painted sheet metal, our Sera Gutter and Suspension Systems are manufactured with precision and tailored to your project's requirements.

In the suspended system, 10 mm "C" hooks are hung on the pipes beneath each main truss. We use specially produced, 4 mm thick, galvanized steel slings to suspend these hooks securely.

Key Features:

  • All components and fixtures are prepped for seamless assembly.
  • Each suspension cable boasts a 500 kg load capacity, with an adjustment bolt at the end.
  • Electrostatically painted 8 mm galvanized iron supports the parrot hanger hung on the adjustment bolt.
  • Optional plant heating pipes and carrier equipment are available upon request.

When you choose cocopeat and our greenhouse systems, you're opting for an eco-conscious approach to agriculture that ensures optimal growth while preserving resources and reducing environmental impact.

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